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Server Rules: Destroy bomb A, before arming bomb B, and absolutely NO Flares - FF is ON




Membership Rules

If granted membership, all we ask is that you display our Clan Tag [MTS] in the following format before your game name tag and don't be DULL and add it to your name like this GamerMTS coz thats just dumb (like some of the old duffers on here do); you know who you are ;-P - Add it like this: [MTS]ConcreteDOnkey.

We only have a few rules and we won't dictate unless absolutely necessary, however, the clan does have strong family principles and believe in being a friendly, approachable clan who enjoy online gaming with other like minded individuals on our server. So, keep it mature and real - no funny business or the dog gets it - .... sorry had a glass of the good stuff at that point, but I think you understand ;-D

Failure to comply with any Clan Rules may result in your clan membership being withdrawn without notice.


We're always recruiting...

This is a friendly clan and has a RANKED server, however, we do it purely for fun. We're always recruiting and will do so if you're seen as like minded.

We play as a clan every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday from approx 8pm (GMT) onwards. The server is always up and running so feel free to use it at any time.

Courtesy Rules for All

Do not swear on the Clan Forums, no matter how much you are convinced its acceptable (its on here for all to see). If you are a Clan Member, simply go to the members forum and do it there in private - if not a member, be nice; failure to comply with this rule may result in your membership being withdrawn.

Do not ADD - racist, sexist, derogatory, inflammatory or offensive remarks or comments (in any way) on Clan Forums or Teamspeak [verbal or written] and direct these towards member or to the outside world and beyond if an astronaut ... sorry had another glug of grog ;-D If you do, it may result in a permanent ban online, and your membership being withdrawn.

OK.... the fun bit - One Rule For All Gamers (Destroy A before arming B).

Owing to the small number of players on our server at any one time, and to ensure a better and longer gaming experience, all players are to take the bombs in order A before B - anyone ignoring this rule will be kicked with a warning and/or Banned if they return and ignore said warning and of course tons of sarcasm and old man gas before they go!!! Simple rule here, if you can't follow the one main rule, choose another server

We have french, German and oddly welsh and Scottish member and will try to explain if you are not english speaking.... so we apologise in advance if you didn't understand and you were kicked or banned (build a bridge and get over it) - its just a game ;-P We're more than happy for you to register and explain your situation, but then you will have to speak French, German, Taffy or Jockish.... as that's all the translation we can do - but will Google any other language and vice versa

Game Play Rules

(Remember its Just a Game - Have Fun)

No C4 on the Bomb, or killing with C4 *until* the bomb has been armed!

No team killing, *unless* a team member took bomb B before A - then its open season! (The attacking team are to allow defenders to disarm the bomb)

No using Flares at all - they're a pain in the butt (ask Baggins). Instant kick for first time offenders and for persistent offenders, its a Ban!

Absolutely no shooting from Uncaps/Red Zones - this is a s***ts trick and stupid...move up if told you're in the Red Zone - most of us know where the red zone is.

No spawn killing unless being fired upon, defenders are to move on to defend the next bomb once both bombs are destroyed - again, its just a game, have fun, but don't take the p**s and constantly do it.

No Stats Padding / Hacking / Glitching - Instant kick and/or ban - there are hundreds of servers out there that accept this, do it there.

On the very rare occasion the server is full, we may have to kick the last one in to make room for clan members.

If the Teams are even, don't swap over to the winning team, this is just childish and you will be moved back - if you continue to do it, you will be kicked or banned.

Lastly, if the attacking team has a lower number of players or have too many elite players and unable to reach the bomb, Admin will swap players or increase a team to move the game on...its boring otherwise and some of the more senior clan members may get tearful

NOTE: Friendly Fire is ON